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Happy BirthGAY Box!

Happy BirthGAY Box!

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Baby, you were born this day! Celebrate rocking out another year on this awesome planet with our LGBTQ+ birthday box!

This box is perfect for the person who has it all since it's filled with amazing items from small businesses that they probably haven't gotten their hands on yet...but once they do, they'll LOVE it!

Here's what's in this awesome box:
🍰Rainbow Confetti Cannon - These fun cannons are filled with rainbow paper confetti circles. Simply twist the bottom and enjoy a shower of rainbow confetti as it flutters around you!
🍰Candy Club's Cupcake Bites - These mini vanilla cupcake bites have a birthday cake flavor and rainbow dots - 10 out of 10!
🍰Birthday Cake Soy Candle with Sprinkles - Smells like birthday cake and OMG, the rainbow sprinkles!!! Can this candle be any more perfect!?!
🍰Birthday Donut Bath Bomb - I've never seen such a cute birthday bath bomb in my life! It also smells like birthday cake and is made of all-natural, vegan ingredients
🍰Pink Gay Bar - Duh....because we're gay!
🍰Cotton Candy Glitter Bomb - These are Purple shimmery hand-spun cotton candy puffs with edible glitter! Simply pour your favorite bubbles over the glitter bomb and watch vibrant, colorful, glittery goodness fill your cup! (Note: the packaging color varies, but the glitter bombs will be purple)
🍰Rainbow Popcorn - Taste this delicious, vanilla, rainbow popcorn and have a party in your mouth (mind out of the gutters please!) 
🍰Harry Styles Birthday Card - You send me your custom message, and I'll be sure your box arrives with your special birthday note to the lucky person who gets to stare at Harry Styles all year long

Items will arrive in our bright, fun PrideBox which is filled with white crinkle paper and rainbow confetti

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