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The LOVE Box - Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary Gift

The LOVE Box - Engagement, Wedding, Anniversary Gift

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Flowers? ✓ 
Candy? ✓ 
Card? ✓  
Sweet, romantic, unique, fun gifts? ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓

We're pulling out ALLLLL the stops with this gift box that is all about LOVE! This is the perfect box to celebrate a couple's anniversary, engagement, or wedding!

This box has it all. Consider it your one-stop shop for all the goodies you need to celebrate some LGBT sweet lovin'. This box is perfect for the person who has it all since it is filled with amazing items from small businesses that I'm sure they haven't gotten their hands on yet...but once they do, I know they'll LOVE it!

Here's what's in this amazing box:
💜 Million Roses Light Pink Rose - IYKYK! The showstopper of our LOVE box is this REAL rose that lasts AT LEAST 3 YEARS! Don't ask me how this magic happens, but check out their website to learn more about their process. Care instructions will accompany your rose so that you can enjoy this lovely piece of nature's artwork for years to come.
💜 2x Sprinkle Champagne Flutes - This set of champagne flutes adds fun to any celebration! And any time we pop some bubbly, you know we're celebrating somethin'!
💜 Candy Club's Love Letters - Super cute X and O shaped gummies in strawberry, pineapple, grape mixed flavors
💜 Gay AF Candle - Sets the mood and makes your place smell like a fruity dream
💜 Rainbow Bath Bomb - Practice some self-love by using this awesome bath bomb in a nice hot soak. Watch as the rainbow colors start to fill your tub and the white clouds melt away
💜 Pink Gay Bar - Duh....because we're gay!
💜 2 x Cotton Candy Glitter Bombs - These are shimmery hand spun cotton puffs with edible glitter! Simply pour your favorite bubbles over the glitter bomb and watch bright purple (duh, because we're gay!), glittery goodness fill your cup!
💜 Rainbow Popcorn - Taste this delicious vanilla rainbow popcorn and have a party in your mouth (mind out of the gutters please!) 
💜 Congrats You Gays OR Happy Anniversary Card - Wrap it all up with a sweet card. You pick between "Congrats You Gays!" and the "Happy Anniversary" card. Then send me your custom message, and I'll be sure your box arrives with a handwritten note.

Items will arrive in our bright, fun PrideBox which will be filled with white crinkle paper and rainbow confetti - perfect gift wrapping!

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