About Us

Pridebox is my love letter to our lgbt+ family...and to one member of this family in particular. 

In the summer of 2022, I met one of the most amazing people I've ever known. She was embarking on her journey of coming out to her family. She was nervous, and she was scared...but she did it anyway. She was so brave, and I was (and still am) BEYOND proud of her.

I wanted to get her a gift to celebrate her coming out. I scoured the internet to find something to give her for this momentous occasion, but I found nothing. I ended up getting her a cute rainbow cookie cake and decorated a box for her that had all kinds of lgbt+ designs on it, but it wasn't quite what I had dreamed of getting her. 

After this experience, I knew I needed to make something for our lgbt+ community that specifically focused on celebrating lgbt+ people, love, and bravery. Thus, PrideBox was born. I created this company to provide fun, unique gifts for the lgbt+ community to celebrate all the wonderful moments that happen in our lives. From coming out to birthdays to celebrations of love, we've got you covered. Our boxes are filled with items from small businesses that I know you'll love and that will bring beautiful flair to any moment you want to celebrate. 

While creating PrideBox, I learned that I have a passion for design. I began creating all kinds of apparel and accessories for our rainbow community, and this has become a major part of what we create. We also started sharing our design skills with local LGBT+ businesses to help customers show their love for these companies by repping their awesome swag. 

From our initial PrideBox dream, we've now grown from gift boxes to an entire shop dedicated to providing high quality, uniquely designed products for our LGTB+ family. For you, we have built the one-stop queer shop for all things LGBT+. PrideBox is here to help spread all the joy and love we can throughout our rainbow family. 

To my muse and to all the fabulous gays I've ever known and loved, PrideBox is for you.

Lots of love,



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