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ConGAYtulations on Coming Out!

ConGAYtulations on Coming Out!

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Coming out is a significant process to lots of folks in the LGBTQ+ community, and we're here to celebrate it!

This is the box that started it all. When my girlfriend was coming out to her family, she was so nervous. I wanted to celebrate her bravery and decision to be her authentic self. I relentlessly searched the internet to try to find her a gift to celebrate this special moment, and I found nothing. I ended up getting her a rainbow cookie cake that was super delicious but not quite what I had in mind. I was so irritated that there were no good gifts to celebrate such an important moment in one's life.

So I decided to make the gift myself. PrideBox was created from this very experience - it's when I decided to make a shop for our LGBTQ+ community to celebrate all of the special moments in our lives.
I hope this box is sent to so many people as they come out so they feel love, joy, and support as they start their incredible journeys of showing the world who they really are. 

This awesome box contains:
🌈Pride Progress Pin and Flag - Welcome to the club, kid
🌈Taylor Swift "Cause Shade Never Made Anybody Less Gay" Card - There have never been truer words than these - other than the words you get to put in the card that we'll handwrite for you
🌈Fresh Out the Closet Candle - The candle title alone is epic, and the fresh linen and pine scent is *Chef's Kiss*
🌈Rainbow Bites Candy - This sweet treat tastes like rainbow heaven
🌈Rainbow Bath Bomb - Coming out can be emotionally taxing, so take a beat, and practice some self-love by using this awesome bath bomb in a nice hot soak. Watch as the rainbow colors start to fill your tub as the cloud melts away.
🌈Pink Gay Bar Soap - Smells like roses and coming clean!
🌈Rainbow Popcorn - This popcorn is delicious, vanilla-flavored rainbow art! You'll eat every morsel!

Items will arrive in our bright, fun PrideBox which is filled with white crinkle paper and rainbow confetti

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